Modern classic style. Warable for all classy lady with styles that make them feel confident and comfortable inside out.

Saramax is one of the brand under Medifeet (HQ) Sdn. Bhd. and established in 2016. Saramax started to sell their shoes at the end of 2016.

Saramax shoes are the upgraded version of the existing Medifeet shoes. Medifeet shoes are prone to be more for health reasons but Saramax shoes are designed for women with a fashion sense and adore the high heels.

Various type of shoes has been designed by Saramax and one of them are Sports shoe wedges, pumps, loafer, and heels. The shoes created to give opportunity to fulfil the needs of fashionable ladies with the adoration for high heels shoes but still wanting to tend to their feet health.

In May 2018,
Saramax has started to broaden their types of products to scarves and shawls for the Saramax brand followers in social media February 2019, Saramax has increasingly developed their products such as the premium shawls, the various shape of inner heads as well as socks that give comfort to the wearer.

By the end of March 2019,
Saramax has officially opened their first Saramax boutique in Shah Alam which started operating on 24th March 2019 where all Saramax products are displayed in one boutique.

In April 2019,
Saramax has stepped up the game by producing a new line of products to accommodate the celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, hence introducing new collections of Baju Kurung Modern and modern jubah, along with telekung. This has garnered a positive amount of new followers towards the Saramax brand which can be witnessed by the number of followers on Saramax Instagram.

To this day, Saramax has displayed the products at the boutique and will increase their line of products shortly soon.